Sahara Trek

Sahara Trek

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Mar 30 2014

Apr 06 2014

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30 March - 6 April 2014

Although only separated from Europe by the straits of Gibraltar, Morocco is a world away in terms of culture and experience. The Sahara desert - an iconic landscape - is an adventure lover's paradise and Marrakech, the main hub of the country, is a wild mixture of spicy aromas, entertainers, and the cacophony of merchants in the bustling medina and peaceful mosques.

If you choose to join us on our Sahara trek you will spend two days assisting at a local project such as a home for the elderly or a medical day clinic in Marrakech. Possible tasks include redecorating and painting, creating a garden and relaxation areas, or generally working to improve the environment for those who are supported by these facilities. You will work hard as part of a team and your help will go a long way to improving the lives of the local community.

Following this, you will complete an incredible four day trek. The landscape is vast and diverse and you will find sand dune fields, rugged stony ground, dried up river beds, large rocky outcrops and even some wide gushing rivers! A highlight will be spending the evenings stargazing after a hearty and delicious meal.

Registration fee: £250

Minimum sponsorship: £1,940

Have you got what it takes to trek Sahara for charity?

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