Dog Sledding Challenge

Dog Sledding Challenge

Complete the Dog Sledding Challenge in 2016 for charity

Mar 19 2016

Mar 25 2016

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  • Drive your own team of huskies, mushing over 200kms through beautiful, frozen landscapes

  • Learn to take total responsibility for the care and welfare of your dogs

  • A chance to witness the wonder of the Northern Lights

  • Muck in to prepare camp and cook your own food throughout the challenge

  • Stay near traditional Sami villages and learn about their culture


What could be more satisfying than silently guiding your own team of loyal huskies through snow covered forests and into the glorious mountains in Swedish Lapland? The only noise you will hear on your expedition is the true silence of nature and the gentle crunching of snow as your sled glides across the white surface.  Your challenge includes opportunities to see the spectacular Northern Lights and local wildlife, such as elk and reindeer.

You arrive into Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, situated in Lapland province and 145kms north of the Arctic Circle. 

The area is home to the Sami people, indigenous to northern Europe. The Sami are among the largest indigenous ethnic group in Europe and have traditionally plied a variety of livelihoods, including coastal fishing, fur trapping, and sheep herding and their best known means of livelihood; semi-nomadic reindeer herding.  The Sami people are integral to your sledging challenge as you travel through their land, with their four legged friends.

You can hardly get closer to nature than when you travel in the company of animals. The camaraderie, trust and respect you quickly feel for your dogs is a rare experience that enhances the pleasure and adventure in exploring the great, wild mountain expanses.

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