Cape Wrath Challenge

Cape Wrath Challenge

The UK's toughest marathon

May 18 2013

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Touted as the UK's "toughest marathon", the Cape Wrath Challenge certainly lives up to its name.

It's a 26.2 mile course.

It is essential that every participant understands that this is quite unlike a normal road race. It is extremely challenging, including a climb of over 2,415 feet and is the most North Westerly and probably the most innovative run on mainland Britain. The route is extremely exposed. The logistics involved in hosting these events mean that available entries are limited and it is is vital that individuals and teams register early.

The race is split into 5 legs (or 'sectors'), including 2 ferry crossing:

* Sector 1 - from the ferry to Inshore = 4.2 miles
* Sector 2 - from Inshore to the lighthouse = 6.8 miles
* Sector 3 - from the lighthouse back to Inshore = 6.8 miles
* Sector 4 - from Inshore back to the ferry = 4.2 miles
* Sector 5 - from the ferry to Village Hall = 4.2 miles

Entry costs £30.

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