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The Durrell Lecture: The Mountain Chicken Diaries. - Copy

Oct 04 2012

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DrLee DurrellMBE invites you to:

The Durrell Lecture:

The Mountain Chicken Diaries

October 2012

This year we are reflecting on our efforts to save the

Montserratmountain chicken from extinction – the

Durrell way!


On 14th February, 2009 we launched an immediate

response to an appeal  from the government of

Montserratto avert a disaster.


The mountain chicken had succumbed to the chytrid

fungus, currently threatening amphibians all around

the globe.  Our team fromJerseywent out and brought

back a safety net population to breed and study at Durrell.

We also set up a project inMontserratto work with the

species and the local people on the island.


By 2011 we were returning our captive bred frogs to

their native habitat inMontserrat.


Please join us for an informal supper, then stay to

hear first hand reports from our staff both at home

and in the field.

Main Speaker

Sarah-Louise Smith,

Project Co-ordinator in Montserrat

Visit www.durrell.org/lecture

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Evening Events – Themed Nights

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Southampton University, Highfield Campus, Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1BJ

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Anne-Marie Neale

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust , Les Augres Manor, Trinity, Jersey, The Channel Isles . JE3 5BP


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