Charity Choice Donation FAQ


The donation facility has been updated. You now need to provide a donation link. Here is information that will help you do that:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Charity Choice is my only donation facility - what do I do next?

If Charity Choice is your only donation facility you will need to sign up with a new provider. Once that is done you can link to that provider by linking to it from your Charity Choice page. We have been in discussions with BT MyDonate as we believe they are most aligned with our own service as they provide a highly respected, free, secure and easy-to-use online fundraising service. We highly recommend that you switch to this service however it is completely up to you which service you choose. To find out more about how to set up a BT MyDonate account click here, or see point 8 below for further details.

2. I already have an account with another donations service, what do I do next?

If you already have an alternative donations service, you can simply link this to your Charity Choice page to ensure that new donors introduced via Charity Choice can support you. See point 4 below on how to do this.

3. Can I link to any donation facility my charity has?

Yes. You can link to any donation page you choose to whether it's BT MyDonate, your charity's own bespoke donation page, your JustGiving page etc. See point 4 below on how to do this.

4. How do I update my Charity Choice donate now button?

To do this simply sign in to your Charity Choice admin area and click on the "My Charity Microsite Tab" (A) then click on the "Donation link Tab" and paste the URL of the link there. (B)

5. Will I still be able to view my donation reports?

Yes. You will still have access to your reports, however they will only be updated with your donation information up until the 31st July 2018. We would recommend that you download your reports and keep a record.

6. What will happen to our Gift Aid payments?

Charity Choice will continue to collect and submit Gift aid collected up to 31st July when we close the service. After this date we will continue to distribute Gift Aid to any charities who have Gift Aid owed.

7. What is BT MyDonate and what are its benefits?

BT MyDonate is a not-for-profit, online fundraising service for UK charities. This service provides a secure, easy-to-use way for millions of people to raise money for the charity of their choice. BT MyDonate is free for charities to use as there are no set up, subscription or commission fees. Every penny of the money donated (excluding credit/debit card charges - 1.3% Credit Card, 15p Debit Card) is paid into your bank account. BT even collects Gift Aid on your behalf to maximise your fundraising. Find out more on the BT MyDonate website here

8. How can I link my charity account with BT MyDonate?

Linking your Charity Choice account with BT MyDonate is very simple. Firstly, you will need to create a free account with BT MyDonate. Click here to find out more on the BT MyDonate website. Once you have a live account with BT MyDonate simply sign in to your Charity Choice admin area and click on the "My Charity Microsite Tab" then click on the "Donation link Tab" and paste the URL of your BT MyDonate page there. See point 4 for more details.

9. Is linking my charity account to BT MyDonate free?

Yes, it is! Charities will not be charged for linking their charity account with BT MyDonate or any other online donations provider.

10. Why are Charity Choice making this change?

When Charity Choice launched our donations service back in 2006 there were no comparable alternatives out there. We wanted to ensure that the many new supporters who access UK charities via our website could donate directly and cost effectively to them.

Over the past 12 years, the online donations and fundraising marketplace has evolved considerably. There are now several companies offering online donations and fundraising facilities as their core business and even some, such as BT MyDonate, that offer these services to charities free of charge.

Charity Choice's core purpose has always been to provide a place where new supporters can select, evaluate and connect with UK charities. We have therefore decided that the time is now right to focus all our efforts on doing this.

11. What are the benefits of having a Charity Choice account?

With Charities increasingly in the media spotlight, the general public are looking for trusted sources to find out more about charities' work, finances and ethics. Charity Choice gives people a starting point where they can find your charity and decide to connect. The more information you have on your charity choice microsite, the more likely they will be to choose your charity.

Charity Choice offers charities of all sizes the opportunity to:

  • Be listed on the largest directory of UK charities with information on over 160,000 charities registered in England and Wales, as well as a large amount of charities from Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Attract thousands of new supporters and donations every day through your Charity Choice account and features.
  • Allow your supporters to make an informed decision when choosing who to support through the free reports on 10,000 of the UK's top charities, which can be downloaded for free directly from charity profiles in the directory.