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Donor urges others to join the registry

Date posted: 04 Aug 2014

As he was hooked up to an apheresis machine for his collection, which is a bit like giving blood, he wrote some words to encourage other people to register to become potential blood stem cell donors too. He wrote:

“Getting tested for a match is easy. Go online and apply for a test kit when you get this kit, it contains swab sticks which you rub as instructed to collect cheek cell samples. It takes 5 minutes including the time to post it back in the prepaid envelope.

“You might not be matched for months, years or at all, but if you are matched you can potentially save a life. This could be anyone, a boy, girl, man, woman, black, white, Asian, Indian - you get it – anyone.

“You have nothing to lose by registering, countless people are praying for a match to come forward, you might be that match.”

It was wonderful of Michael to take the time to encourage others to join the registry as he was doing something so amazing. Then, less than 24 hours after his donation, he visited our offices to say hello to our staff, who were thrilled to meet with such an inspiring person!

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