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to review and report on our website

Appeal location: Nationwide

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Needed for Sep 2017 - Mar 2018

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We are looking for an expeienced web developer who can offer a review of our website, write a report on it and help us to  get to  the next level in writing a brief for the design and layout.

We are Contact and provide accomodation and support for homeless young girls aged 16 to 19, based in Manchester . We are a registered charity number 500198

This task  can  be performed remotely

Our web address is here:

Our facebook page is here

In return for your support we would be willing to  acknowledge you in our publicity or by other means as you suggest

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Volunteer Location:

Greater Manchester, M16 8GL

Volunteer Categories:

Design & Web Design: Content, Web Design

If you would like to fulfil this request, please contact Alison at the charity directly: 01618607594 or