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Leaving a gift to Comic Relief in your Will

Well, this canít be much fun. In fact, itís probably safe to say that thinking about how to best divvy up and distribute all your lifeís artifacts after youíre dead, whilst youíre still alive, is almost entirely no fun at all.


We really arenít too keen on the idea of you dying either. Given that youíre currently browsing through pages for charitable legacies, we think itís safe to assume that you are, on the whole, a thoroughly good egg. And the world needs more nice people.


As for what weíre doing here, well, like most people you probably just know us as that charity that monopolises the BBC for one night each year. The Red Nose people. What most people donít know though is what we do for the other 364 days of the year. We use that time to research the most effective ways to spend what we raise so that, when we do spend it, it makes the biggest possible difference.  And weíve become very good at it.


Our work spans from Africa and Asia to Latin America and the UK, and helps everyone from child-labourers to isolated older people. In our hands, your legacy really will make a significant and lasting difference to some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people, here in the UK and across the world.


Further information on how to leave us a gift in your will:


When making your will, please make sure to include our full name and details. That way you can be certain weíll be properly identifiable as the recipient of your gift. It would be best to use this sentence:


"Charity Projects (known as Comic Relief), a charity registered in England and Wales with number 326568 and in Scotland with number SC039730 whose registered office is at Hanover House, 14 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HP"


Please do let us know if you decide to leave Comic Relief a legacy so we can say thank you. We'd also be interested to hear about the reasons you thought of us. Please email us at

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