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Malaria treatment stocks running low...

Date posted: 15 Aug 2018

Christian Hope has a Nurse+ project aimed at supporting nurses in Rwanda and Uganda.  To date we have been lucky enough to be able to fund 4 nurses in 3 clinics.  Through this funding we have been able to help increase the patient numbers.   In Shywogwe, Rwanda our Nurse, Vietty, tells us that 75% of cases presented at the clinic are malaria, but that they have run out of the adult malaria treatment.  Instead they have been prescribing double doses of the children's treatment. 

It is a startling fact that there is only one nurse for every 1560 people in Uganda and for every 1204 people in Rwanda compared to the UK where we enjoy the luxury of one nurse for every 82 people.  A nurse costs approximately  £6 a day in Rwanda and Uganda, not much more than a supermarket meal deal.

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