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Romford, Essex

A New Church Roof

Date Posted: 11 Sep 2018

It is the epitomy of fundraising for churches - the new roof.  Locally to us one church roof had to be replaced as wood peckers were 'attacking' the wooden shingles.

Church roofs are notorious for needing funding.  In Africa it is the same - in a small parish in Gisanga, Rwanda - the locals desperately needed a new church - the attendance was growing and although they had space to build  they had very little money. 

Amazingly the community got together, young and old and inbetween, they cleared the site, and  built the building to roof height. We saw how determined they were to have their church, and how hard they had all worked and were very pleased we were able to offer them funding to help them afford the roof plates and steel structure to hold the roof - so that they building did not deteriorate during the rainy season. 

So now we are busy raising funds for the actual roof sheets.  They cost £5 a sqare metre and are 8 metres by 1 metre.  They need 90 sheets.   So far we have raised £1000, their community has raised £1400 which really is amazing so only £1200 to go.  We would love to see them have a new roof before the rainy season.

We will let you know how we get on ...