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Prospering with pigs

Date posted: 21 Sep 2017

With a large family to support and in her mid-fifties, Betty wondered what more she could do to secure a steady income, her monthly family expenditure has always exceeded the rental income. Until...… Read More»

Nursery teamwork

Date posted: 18 Sep 2017

Our nursery teachers are pioneering an effective learning system for children than you won’t see in other nursery schools in Uganda.… Read More»

Sickle cell – the fight is on

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Date posted: 07 Sep 2017

Two of our pupils, Andrew and Rachel, suffer from sickle cell disease, which affects the blood of some African children. It can cause anaemia which leads to terrible pain in the body and sadly often leads to an early death. But we're helping live a normal life.… Read More»

New video: There’s a transformation in the slum

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Date posted: 04 Sep 2017

Here’s a new video that lets you see into all the work Child of Hope does to help alleviate poverty in the Namatala slum. It’s more documentary in style than our usual videos (where you need to have a hankie ready!)… a great summary for anyone who hasn’t been to Uganda to see the work for yourself.… Read More»

Beating alcoholism with a new business… and a bit of help

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Date posted: 28 Jul 2017

A slum mum is recovering from alcoholism – thanks to being helped to start a small business.… Read More»

New slum child fostering service

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Date posted: 18 Jul 2017

Our initiative to arrange fostering for orphans and other vulnerable children was born when our respite accommodation became far too overcrowded and we realised it’s not suitable for all children. The new fostering programme not only relieves pressure but also offers a better environment for some of the children who couldn't live with their own immediate or extended families.… Read More»

School no.2

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Date posted: 18 Jul 2017

BREAKING NEWS: We are working on plans to launch our own secondary school in the Namatala slum. … Read More»

Early success

Date posted: 04 Feb 2017

One of the first children to be supported at school has now joined our school as a teacher!… Read More»

How can we do more to boost slum parents’ household income?

Date posted: 19 Jan 2017

This week, we start to conduct a slum household income improvement survey with mums we have helped to start a business... to improve their household incomes still further.. … Read More»

Slum health survey results

Date posted: 18 Jan 2017

The results are in from last year’s health survey that compared Child of Hope pupils to similar resident children of Namatala slum – and it clearly shows that Child of Hope's health interventions are improving health. … Read More»

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