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Below, we've listed UK charities concerned with sports and recreation for children.To find out about the organisations concerned, or to learn how you can donate - money, time or goods - or raise funds, simply click on an individual organisation. Whether your interest is in sports for children generally, or in a particular group like a football charity, youth sport trust or club for young athletes, our listings contain all you need to know.

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Tennis2Be is a sports and education charity striving for equality through tennis. They use ...Read more »

Moray Sports Foundation

Elgin, Moray

A state of the art, modern sports centre is now on the horizon for Moray. After twenty years of...Read more »



sportscotland works to ensure that sport programmes and facilities are widely available to all. I...Read more »

The Cricket Foundation


Cricket Foundation provides facilities for young people to play cricket, encouraging interest and...Read more »

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