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UK-based charities dealing with endangered animals & wildlife conservation are detailed below. To find out about the groups concerned, or to learn how you can donate - money, time or goods - or raise funds, simply click on an individual charity. Whether you've a general interest in animal protection, or are concerned with a particular area like marine conservation or wildlife trusts, our listings contain all you need to know.

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British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Uckfield, East Sussex

Marwell Wildlife

Winchester, Hampshire

Marwell is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources. As a charity w...Read more »

Greenleaf Animal Rescue Ltd

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Greenleaf Animal Rescue is an established animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom which spe...Read more »

Lapa Helping Animals In Russia

http://www.lapauk.org/en/donate LAPA is a new UK animal charity founded in early 2013 with ...Read more »

Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society)

Upton-by-Chester, Cheshire

Chester Zoo promotes species conservation and protection by caring for its animals and protecting...Read more »

Elephant Family


ElephantFamily works to save Asian elephants from extinction in the wild. Read more »

Animal House Wildlife Welfare, North Yorkshire

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Animal House Wildlife Welfare is a registered charity based in Scarborough which specialises in ...Read more »



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