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Remember us in your will

Legacies are our most vital source of funding

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There are many ways that you can leave a gift in your Will. Your solicitor will be able to give you more information and advice about which way of giving best suits your needs. These are the most common:

• Pecuinary legacy - a gift of a fixed amount of money.  

• Residuary legacy - where you leave all or a percentage of your estate to AWF after all pecuniary gifts, debts, fees and other expenses have been paid.  

• Specific legacy - where you choose to leave a gift of a specific item – such as land, buildings, stocks and shares, art or other valuables.  

Have you already made a Will?

Many people make a Will and assume they don’t need to revisit it.  But circumstances can change and it is worth taking a fresh look every few years.   


If you are happy with your main provisions but want to make additional gifts you could do by codicil , a simple way to make specific changes or additions without affecting the earlier provisions.  

Suggested wording:  

“I (name) of (address) declare this to be my first codicil to my last Will, dated (date).  I give (details of  legacy) to the Animal Welfare Foundation, Reg charity 287118, of 7 Mansfield Street London W1G 9NQ  

Are you are ready to make a Will? 

If you just haven’t yet got around to it or if you have a Will, but your circumstances or wishes have changed and it needs completely revising you need to act now.   

Having a properly written and witnessed Will is the only way to ensure that your money benefits the people or the causes that are important to you.  

1. Make a list of everything you could include (in a Will) including property, money and other assets;
2. Make a list of who you want to benefit (their names and addresses)
3. Decide who you would like to be your executors (usually two people, and could include a solicitor)
4. Make an appointment to meet with a solicitor to draw up the Will for you to sign and keep a copy.   

If you are considering leaving AWF a legacy, or have already done so, do please get in touch, we would love to hear from you to give you some updates about our work.  

When Colleen Macleod left money that funded the Professorship of Animal Welfare in Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1985-6, her action had a beneficial impact on the lives of millions of animals.  

Animal welfare has developed rapidly as a scientific discipline since 1986. There are now 30 professors of animal welfare in the world and 40 other professors who work principally in this area.  The general public in the UK, in Europe as a whole and in many countries of the world have become much more aware of scientific studies of animal welfare.    Prof Donald Broom, Cambridge, April 2013


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Make a Pledge

Gifts left in wills are really important to Animal Welfare Foundation. However even if you haven't made a will, making a pledge to do so in the future would really help us to find out about your future intentions.

Pledges are not legally binding so by filling out this form you are not committing yourself! You are simply allowing Animal Welfare Foundation to confidently estimate future support for their cause.

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Leave a Legacy

If you have already made a will but you want to leave a legacy to a charity you can make an addition or change it without re-writing your current will. This addition is called a codicil.

To leave a legacy to Animal Welfare Foundation please download the codicil form below and take it along to your solicitor.

Please note however that this form is not legally binding on its own and has to be part of your main will. We advise you to seek the advice of a solicitor.

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to us, please contact Animal Welfare Foundation directly – they will be happy to discuss this with you.

Download Codicil Form