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Promoting the welfare of wild deer in the UK

Registered Charity Number: 1069663 , SC037817
Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Legacies and bequests

Making a will ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Without it, your family, friends and the good causes you support may be overlooked. Remembering the British Deer Society in your will ensures that you can continue protecting deer tomorrow and into the future. All legacy income is spent on direct project work and is not used for administration.

A number of types of legacy are available to you:

Residuary legacy: Where all or part of your estate (after debts, funeral costs and financial gifts are paid) is bequeathed to the British Deer Society.

Pecuniary legacy: Where a specific sum is left to the Society. This can be index-linked to safeguard its future value.

Specific legacy: Where a particular item, such as a piece of jewellery or an antique, is left to the Society to be used or sold.

Reversionary legacy: This allows you to leave assets to a named individual for their lifetime with the balance going to the British Deer Society on their death.

If you would like further information about leaving a bequest to the British Deer Society, please contact us on 01425 655434 or email

Your generosity is key to preserving and protecting our wild deer heritage. Thank you.

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Sarah Stride (General Manager)

Phone: 01425 655434


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