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Help save the UK's charities - join the #TwoPointSixChallenge

The UKís charities need you!

The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown has meant that charities across the UK are struggling to stay afloat. One of the reasons for this is the cancellation of fundraising events which stands to lose the sector billions in lost donations.

But you can do your bit to help support and potentially save the UKís charities by taking part in the #TwoPointSixChallenge, joining celebrities like Rio Ferdinand, Trevor Nelson, Kevin Pietersen and Paul Chuckle!

What is the 2.6 Challenge?

The London Marathon was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday 26th April. As the worldís largest annual one-day fundraising event, it was set to raise tens of millions for good causes. The 2019 event alone raised over £66.4 million!

Many of the charities who stood to benefit from fundraising events like the London Marathon now find themselves unable to continue providing the vital services that vulnerable people need, now more than ever, due to a lack of volunteer staff and having to furlough may of those working full or part time. The coming months are going to be tough for charities, which is why they need your support!

So, in place of the London Marathon, from Sunday 26th April, join people across the UK taking part in the 2.6 Challenge.

The 2.6 Challenge is any activity you choose, that incorporates the numbers 2 and 6 - and abides to government guidelines on social distancing. This could be hopping 26 times in a row, doing an online workout with 26 friends, or even dancing to 26 songs! Itís really up to you to tailor your challenge to suit your age and ability. Do something with your children, parents, housemates and even friends over video chat Ė the possibilities are endless, so do something fun!

Click here for some inspiring ideas about what you could do for your #TwoPointSixChallenge.

How can you get involved?

Once you have chosen your challenge itís time to either donate or start fundraising. If you would like to give money to support UK charities, you can donate into the central pot here. All money raised will be distributed by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to all the charities and community groups that people are raising funds for in The 2.6 Challenge and are also set up on Virgin money giving or Just giving.

If you want to support a specific charity, search our Charity Choice Search Tool to find a charity that resonates with you. (If your chosen charity isn't on Virgin Money Giving on JustGiving then let them know as they need to be listed there in order to receive a share of the CAF central pot). Once you've chosen your charity you can then set up either a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. 

Post about your challenge on social media

Whatever challenge you decide to do, make sure you let people know about it by posting across your social media pages with the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge. You can be a part of inspiring the nation into coming to the aid of charities who have always been there for us in the past. Don't forget to share with us too on twitter @charity_choice - we'd love to see what you are up to for the challenge!

Itís simple and easy to get involved, and the money raised will have a significant impact on UK charitiesí ability to survive into the future, allowing them to continue to support the vulnerable and provide services for members of society most in need of their help.

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