Karenni Student Development Programme (KSDP)

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Sponsorship of Secondary Education

Funding Education

There is no government funded secondary education within Karenni State, Burma and so many children drop out of school after primary level because their families, who are mainly subsistence farmers, cannot afford the fees. KSDP helps to fund not only the cost of the education, but the accommodation and living costs of many students since usually the children must move away from their villages to attend one of the few secondary schools in the larger towns. It costs approximately £1,000 p.a. per child and the more money that we raise, the more children can receive a secondary education. Please help us to help the Karenni to educate their future generations.

Appeal Ends

29 Nov 2019

Appeal Location

Karenni State, Burma

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  • Donating in memory of Steph for the wonderful work you do with KSDP. I'm sorry again that I wasn't able to attend the Fantasy Fashion Show to show my support in person. Very best wishes, Laura

    Kris and Laura Evans, 26 Dec 2016

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