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A 22 year old male, living and studying in london has a unique and malleable place within society. In any environment where the histories and desires of each individual are as wild and various as they are in london, it becomes easy to be inspired by even the most mundane of occupations. I possess a desire to volunteer because I wish to help people experience a connectedness with others that grows beyond the introductory hand shake or the drive-by pleasantries. If its making sure someone has a meal for the evening, supporting environmental issues or promoting aid at home and abroad, I want to show people that the complications and messiness of life is something to be revelled and challenged, not feared and loathed. From previous experience giving your time for the sake of others conjures a sense of self-worth and positivity that just feels awesome, and is something that I have missed greatly. When offering me the opportunity to volunteer you will acquire someone whose previous employment experience has been in retail and construction, with 2 years voluntary experience with Oxfam (working in shops and festivals). I have a desire to make drastic changes in my life and hopefully inspire the people around me to do the same. Is there any better way than to give your free time to others that are less fortunate? So here I am, not your average volunteer, wanting to get involved in some great causes and motivate others to do the same.

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