Leaders of Tomorrow: The Stepping Stones to Success

Leaders of Tomorrow: The Stepping Stones to Success

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Thank you for your interest in Leaders of tomorrow: the stepping stones to success and our efforts in raising money for Wildhearts in action!

To give a little background on the charity and who your support will help;

WildHearts work across the developing world by investing in microloans which allow some of the world’s poorest people to use their entrepreneurial skills in practice and work their way out of poverty. As an organisation they provide help across 37 countries to some of the 40% of people in the world have no access to bank financing that the western world take for granted. This provides a dignified opportunity for many to create a more sustainable life for themselves and their families.

Further information on this amazing cause can be found at; http://www.wildheartsinaction.org/index.html

We really hope to see you in St Helens on 26th February for an exciting evening of networking!

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