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I am an active senior, now 79 years old. My hobbies, and interests are as follows:- photography, taking and processing and print digital images, at which I have 8 years experience; video “film” making, for which I have a small video but good HD video camera, which I also use to take still images, the results can be saved using several file exertions, and/or on a CD or DVD disc, this can sometimes yield a full screen result on a standard TV screen, but, I have no lights. I have written about 10 short stories, poems, and “jokes”, and also extensively on Christian theology, all of this is now on PDF, and so I can “burn” it on to a CD disc. I also have on going interests in history, mostly causes of WW1 and WW2 and the period between these wars, to which I am adding the more modern consequences of these wars; and in prophecy, both as in futurology, and in spiritual development, the last being most rare, indeed; I lived in South Africa for over 40 years, but returned in 2005.

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