Vittorio Merlitti

Vittorio Merlitti

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London, London (Greater London)

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My name is Vittorio Merlitti and I am keen on business strategy with particular attention to the Marketing and Financial Area.

During my life, all my interests have always been focused on business and this is the reason for why I have acquired a university education in business management, getting a bachelor’s degree in International Management at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Naples “Parthenope”.

The passion for marketing has subsequently led me to attend a Master class in “Marketing & Service Management” that has deeply enriched my knowledge in this matter.

After my studies, I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge in different work experiences in the marketing area, both in Italy and abroad, which have led me to face hard challenges in hypercompetitive and international contexts.

Furthermore, these work experiences have also enriched my background in the field of Banking, Financial, and Insurance in terms of analysis and strategic planning as well as to emphasize the centrality of the customer and its strategic value in the market.

In the light of my profile, today I consider myself reliable, responsible, motivated, tackling tasks with optimism and passion and i am available to help everybody in the all the people needs. 

Vittorio Merlitti

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