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Vincenzo Tammaro

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My name is Vincenzo Tammaro and I have a postgraduate degree in International relations and Scenario Analysis.

Throughout the course of my studies, I have always given special attention to economics and
management as well as politics. More specifically, the main concentration of my interests has consistently been in the area of business strategy. For this reason, I have experienced a diversity of work environments in major Italian and Foreign transnational corporations. 

By following my passion, I have also earned a Master’s degree in “Marketing & Service
Management” at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Naples “Federico II”. The instruments and methodologies that I have gained from this Master are vast, and I have relied heavily on these in my professional work experiences.

Contextually – as I was aware of global change – I have also deepened my studies concerning
Geopolitics and Economic sector. I have appreciated the profoundly analytical approach, that is focalized on changing of the economic and political global scenario, as this approach is also being adapted by many major corporations and countries.

As a result, I think that the final products of my work/study experiences are my strong versatility, communication and analytical skills, and ability to work in a team. Also, I consider myself reliable, responsible, motivated, tackling tasks with optimism and passion as well as altruistic.

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