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Mushrooms are one of delicious dishes and attractive, mushrooms are for anti-aging and prevention how heart disease power and cancer. This is a nutrient-rich food consistent with both vegetarian and salty foods. If you once come to Hanoi, if you want to enjoy the dishes from the new customers come with “Mushrooms Vietnam Hanoi” where there is an extensive menu with interesting dishes from mushrooms spoiled for choice.

The best restaurant for tourists with Vietnam visa is located in city 6A market coconut and 230 foundries. At base 230 foundries with ample space and airy with many floors and many different spaces, in accordance with many customers. At the base 6A coconut market has 4 floors with air conditioning, table and chairs, courtesy room, sitting, wooden floor, high level...with a total capacity of 500 guests. About dish at a Restaurant: Come with Mushroom, Vietnam, Hanoi, customers will enjoy many attractive dishes from mushrooms, such as: sticky rice, rice noodles, rice, noodle, porridge, hotpot... Whether lunch or find a local gathering spot, this restaurant is quite reasonable. The dishes of raw materials in this place are spread from the supply prestigious, there are papers clear original source. With lunch the dishes are many options such as: Rice with mushrooms fried beef with rice, mushrooms, grilled chicken and mushrooms in rice, fresh crunchy so easy to eat on the hot summer days. Steamed glutinous rice with mushrooms can mushrooms be with the sticky rice with glutinous rice hard, fragrant special restaurant also serves chicken dishes, grilled honey in addition, diners can combine sticky rice, mushrooms with ribs , shrimp, pate, depending on the whim of diners, cuisine, fried mushrooms are aromatic, aromatic, crunchy and exotic. The thing that has made special flavor, delicious taste for anyone to enjoy.

You come to the restaurant on hot sunny days, diners enjoy a dish of fresh mushroom hot pot delicious such as the Mushroom crab soup and beef hot pot mushroom pork cartilage, mushroom hot pot and beef hot pot, mushroom beef cooked tomatoes. Guests can also enjoy the noodle bowl mushroom is very popular in this place: Noodle, mushroom beef, Noodles, mushrooms barbecue for those who love the color. Also if going in person, diners can enjoy the dish more as: Nem mushrooms, meat roll, beef & mushroom or meat skewers grilled mushrooms make guests feel exotic and delicious. After enjoying the food, customers can avoid, in the special dish is the young fancy as tea of transparent labels, homemade yoghurt mango-aloe vera, milk, pumpkin pure with a juicy fat own different from other bars or fried potatoes, potato chips, corn chips, fruit tea, lemon juice, lemongrass, orange juice, lemongrass. With its delicious, soft, tasty and, especially, 100% fruit natural not mix a little flavor liệui very consistent with what you would like to reduce the fat. With different spaces, suitable for many customers. This must be an exciting venue for the festival, meet your family, friends, work, school.
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