Vicky Garnett

Vicky Garnett

Current Location:
Portsmouth, Hampshire

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I enjoy an outdoors and active lifestyle and most weekends I can be found on the hockey pitch. I have big (ambitious but hopefully achievable!) plans to explore and contribute to projects throughout the world. To date my travels have taken me to places including Mexico, Africa, South America and South East Asia. 

I have a passion international development and i have a keen interest in working within an area that strives towards making a difference to the world around us. I am attracted to the prospect of participating in the development of projects that empowers local communities and individuals to develop and sustain solutions to their own basic needs. 

I work for an expedition company called True Adventure as an expedition planner. This role involves researching and working with in country agents to compile bespoke itineraries and projects for each school team that we take away on expedition. 

I would relish the chance to volunteer for a charity that focuses on international development. I would be happy to help with project; planning, sourcing and management and liaising with different stakeholders. I Hope that these skills may be of use to further assist with the growth and fantastic work of such charities.   

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