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Helpful voluntary organisation I help out at as a volunteer organiser for 'Volunteer For The Disabled’.  Volunteer For The Disabled are always on the look out for volunteers who can volunteer their time to help disabled people within their own homes. Volunteer For The disabled is a small voluntary organisation too small to advertise or make a big public appeal, but they need our support. So many disabled people could be helped by having more independency in their lives and at home, with more help with daily household tasks, more help with personal care, and so I think Volunteer For The Disabled help make this opportunity available for disabled people and are very well worth supporting. Volunteer For The Disabled is a voluntary organisation that you can give more than just money or donation to, to help fund their projects, you can also get involve by volunteering to help disabled people within their own homes. Volunteer For The Disabled offer volunteer opportunities, care and support for disabled independent living, – I’d heartily recommend donating to them even if you’re not from the uk, or volunteering your time with them to help disabled people within their own homes.


When it comes to donating I always end up thinking of disabled people. Disabled people with special needs for home help and personal care needs, needs our help and support to enable them to stay in their own homes rather than going into care homes or into hospitals and therefore I believe that they should be able to receive the help and support that they need to enable them to live independent lives within their own homes. And so I suggest that this year and the coming years for donations considerations to be made to Volunteer For the Disabled to help fund their work and projects to help support disabled independent living.

Also volunteers are needed especially in a time where a disabled person could do with their help. Volunteer For The Disabled also at times will involve a volunteer in decision-making, and in the work and management of its organisation.  If I get a spare time to volunteer, that’s where I’d volunteer or if i get some spare money that's where I'd send the money - I've been helping out at Volunteer For The Disabled for over 3 months now, because I believe so strongly in what they do and i've donated some money to them!  Because of the economy, Volunteer For The Disabled is seeing an uptick in those needing service, and a downturn in donations. In the greater global strategy of things Volunteer For The Disabled is a small voluntary organisation, but anyone that likes voluntary organisations that move the “big ideas” will be understanding why Volunteer For The Disabled is so close to my heart. You don't have to have much money to donate to Volunteer For The Disabled or have money to donate to them, you can start volunteering with them to help disabled people within their own homes with home help and with personal care.

Thanks, and thanks in advance to anyone who has donated to Volunteer For The Disabled or                                       volunteered with Volunteer For The Disabled.  Thanks. 

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