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Are you struggling through your English Class? Iam working at coursework writing service. I can help you ease your mind...... as a CA state credentialed English teacher with 12+ years of experience, I have taught everything related to words, and I will tailor my lessons to your needs.  
It doesn't matter what your struggle is: grammar, creative writing, academic research, or plain old 5-paragraph essays. After we work together, you will be able to approach your English Class with confidence and professionalism. 

My credentials include: 

~ Master's Degree in Education / Curriculum Design
~ California State Credential in Single Subject/ English 
~ Ivy League undergraduate degree
~ former creative writing and ESL teacher 
~ former high school English teacher 
~ current mainstream middle school English teacher
~ a deep caring for my students and their educations
~ a passion for words
~ English Concentration / BA from Brown University
~ publication in national magazines as a freelance journalist
~ a perfect score on the SAT II: Writing exam as well as a perfect score of "5" on the English AP Exam (a long time ago, back when I was in high school)

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