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I studied jewelry at Middlesex University in the 80's. I have always been inspired by art and the transformative effect it has on both the audience and the maker. 

I am also very interested in women's issues and using creativity as a tool to unlock inner strenght and passion.

Last month I was involved in an exhibition called ' I am not rubbish, I am a woman ', where a group of use used the metaphor of recycling to show how women can turn their lives around. 

I have experienced homelessness and am now in recovery, which is a privilege.

I have found that I enjoy being part of a group, where ideas are shared and a common motivation is found.

I am involved in such a project at the moment and will be exhibiting and selling ( hopefully ! ) in North End Road Market for a day of craft.

I like to think on my feet and always am looking to find a solution that everybody is happy with.

I try to live my life along spiritual lines and always encourage other people to find what works well for them without fear of judgment.

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