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Valentina Destefanis

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I'm 24 years old and I am an Italian sudent. I am currently finishing the second cycle of studies in Clinical - Dynamic Psychology at the University of Padua, in Italy.

I would like to work in a social sector and/or also with vulnerable people. Thus, I am looking a work-experience abroad as I could expand my knowledge.

I consider myself a very willing and serious person and I would really like to get the possibility to apply my theoretical knowledge in something of concrete. I have the desire to specialize in the field of forensic psychology and stay in touch with the social one.

I am an active listener, sensitive and I am good at dealing with a wide range of people who are frequently vulnerable to life situations, which are experienced in one to one and group interactions. I am a flexible, adaptable and willing person.

I worked with a multidisciplinary team, which involved regular meetings with experts in other fields. The work experience I did helped me to develop excellent knowledges and good criticality on the various clinical cases. 

I have good knowledge about the main psychological tests and about the various techniques of diagnosis (the Psycho-dynamic technique, DSM IV tr, PDM).

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