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We're among the world’s top logistics businesses, supplying complete solutions, implementation and functional abilities in logistics cargo forwarding, transport management and distribution management. We provide every client something designed for their particular requirements, constructed across an extensive selection of industry areas on our solid encounter.

We've specific knowledge in commercial and domestic logistics; engineering; customer and retail; automotive; publishing and energy.We enhance our customers' competitiveness through customizing our experience in value chain management that is outsourced. Our varied expertise as well as grand abilities goes to brand activation as well as procurement, and contains all of the logistics services in-between. Because of this, UCS Logistics is the sole firm which will take merchandises and goods to the end-consumer or point of sale from their own original source - via production.


Our strategy is fortified by our standing as a leading provider of FMCG, pharma, spirits, tobacco and general merchandise products - through which UCS has the unique ability to "deliver your product right". We so possess a proud reputation for building the brands of automotive principals and our consumer products.

We provide high quality, cost effective cargo logistics options for importers and exporters.We internally  manage the bulk of potential issues and challenges associated with logistics and you can be certain we've met our goals and aims several times over.


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