Tracey Rouemaine

Tracey Rouemaine

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Bristol, Bristol

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Hi my name is Tracey,


I like to think myself as a positive,bubbly, outgoing and open minded character. My biggest aim for doing this, is to find a job working within an area that i enjoy and feel that i am making a difference in someone or people lives.


My main reason for wishing to become a volunteer is to gain experience and knowledge within a variety of causes and differential roles. My long term goal would to gain a job within the charity sector. Without the experience im currently unsure which specific area is would wish to pursue. I am however hinking I would like to push towards event organisation work. Hopefully the experience I will gain will  give me more clarity and guidance.

I await your email eagerly and cant wait to get involved in helping in anyway I can for your special and amazing cause.

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