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We are Travel Insurance Facilities Group (tifgroup) Group, a specialist travel insurance provider, and we are proud to support Shine Cancer Support.  Finding affordable travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly difficult. There are many travel insurance providers who specialise in offering travel insurance for people with cancer, however what makes the biggest difference to the price you are eventually quoted isn’t the price the Underwriter provides, but the medical screening risk score. This score is determined from the medical screening questions you answer, and the more sophisticated and detailed the questions, the more defined and accurate the risk assessment will be.  tifgroup has developed its own system, Protectif Medical Risk Rating, which has been adapted and enhanced over many years to offer travel insurance cover for people with cancer, and all other medical conditions, at a fair premium. Cancer is a very broad term and covers more than 200 different conditions, all with different risk factors. At tifgroup we know the importance of understanding a condition so the risk can be rated correctly.  Protectif allows us the ability to look at the actual risk someone with cancer poses, rather than the perceived risk of their cancer.  We work with cancer charities who are supporting people living with cancer to truly understand the risk and to develop appropriate questions, giving  customers confidence in the tool.


Supporting a charity like Shine is really important to tifgroup, and we have pledged to fund their new programme ‘Shine Plus Ones’. We will be holding many fundraising events over the next 12 months to raise the money for this incredible programme.

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