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Few words about me now!

As mentionned before, I'm a 20 year old French student in PR. I recently decided to change my major after having studied English and Spanish for 3 years because I think that PR are very important in any kind of institution or company, and having good and solid skills in crisis management or social and digital media for instance is something that I aiming at.

I am a very positive and open minded person;learning is something that motivates me all the time. I am a fast learner, and interpersonal and analytic skills are parts of my qualities.

I've been wanting to help out people through charities for a long time, I just didn't know how exactly, and I previsouly didn't feel that I had the right skills to do it yet. Now that I have truly found what I'm passionate about (PR, digital marketing, social media, international relations and politics among others) I feel ready to be a part of an organization as a volunteer, I feel like I can be useful and do something more. On top of that, I spent a year abroad last year as an Erasmus student in Galicia, Spain and the fact that I'm expanding that time abroad here in London makes me feel very comfortable about working with other cultures/backgrounds.

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