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Whilst i work for a charity i also like fundraising to support other charities too - particularly smaller charities that work to support a cause i believe in - and run by people who i know to be honest, compassionate and dedicated.

The Sophie Hayes foundation is working to help survivors of sex trafficking and slavery. I looked up some stats to put on here, the Global slavery index estimates that there are 45.8 million people in some form of modern slavery - across 167 countries.

That's heart breaking, and almost unbelievable. We dont see people in physical chains anymore - slaves look different - bound to their masters by fear/debt/ - forced to work long hours with little food, or forced to sell their bodies. 

What i like about the Sophie Hayes foundation is that it is based on the core belief that all people are equal, deserve to be treated with respect and sees people who have been trafficked as 'survivors' not victims - with the potential of still living a life to the full.

They provide training, support, and confidence to women who have been trafficked, proving that people do not have to be slaves to their past.

I'm honoured to personally know the director of Sophie Hayes - who is also running in this race - and see her daily working tirelessly for this cause. 

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