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Hello there,

For over 50 years I''ve been involved in very many successful ventures to help the Community but this is the first time that I've accepted an invitatation, albeit at my suggestion. 

3 years ago I became a resident of the village of Welton in East Yorkshire also my daughter and her family live in Eastrington.

I have very recently volunteered my help the Village Hall Committee of Welton, to to raise much needed funding input, but also to increase the profile of our facilities to once again become the hub of our village.

My initial request is for help and guidance about how I can move forward and to maintain and encourage those people that could provide valuable help to move forward.

Would it be possible to let me know of any mutual links of both discussion and help that Village Hall Trustees could contact and from our point of view start to move forward with some confidence which sadly at moment is in very short supply.

I look forward to hearing from yourselves.

Terry Hughes

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