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Hi, I'm Taylor.Im sixteen years of age and I'm interested in reading and drawing with young,sick children and also young adults of my age dealing with mental health issues.(I have been through this myself and I know it's very important to be able to talk to someone!).

I'm into bands and I spend a lot of my time messaging my best friend,she has been through me a lot over the past few years,and despite her living far away she is my best friend in the entire world and Im so grateful for her!

My best friend lives in America,she is my age and she reads at a local hospital to sick children and said it was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life,and she goes to the hospital most days.I really want to experience this for myself and I also want to give these children a break from hospital life and I would also like to give the parents of these children a well deserved break, even if it is only for a few hours.

Despite my age I'm very reliable,honest and patient, and I would love for you to give me a chance and allow me to work with these children and young people.

Thank you very much!

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