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I have decided to raise money for AICR, as cancer is a very serioius disease which has a huge imapct on peoples lives and their families. Working in a hospital has made me realise how precious life is and for some people theres no cure. Fortunately my granddad beat cancer, I believe this is due to the research conducted and the medication. For this reason I would like to give back and see many more people fight cancer. This is why it is important to raise as much money as I can. Cancer is the biggest premature killer and no one deserves to suffer. Therefore lets put an end to it.

Raising money for AICR, is going to be a huge challange for me and will have an impact on my life as I have not ran for many years. However I am willing to take on the challange, as every penny raised will be towards a good cause. 

What your donation will do:

£10- Will enable a research scientist to grow cancer cells in a test tube. This will help further their understanding of how cancer cells function. 

£50- Will cover the cost of analysing a sample cancer tissue. This will improve our scientists knowledge of how cancer develops. 

£100- Will pay for computer analysis on the structure of a new cancer drug. This will enable our scientists to move closer towards developing a potentially life- saving medication. 

£1000- Will allow a top scientist to examine the make-up of a cancer gene. This is an essential part of helping our scientist understand how this disease spreads and kills and how it can be beaten.

Every penny counts. 

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