Job Collins Okello

Job Collins Okello

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Gulu, London (Greater London)

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I am the Executive Director of the Summit Foundation (SUFO), a Ugandan based youth organization working to advance equality of rights and opportunities. 

I joined charity works when I have just left High School, and first volunteered with Family Planning Association of Uganda (FPAU), now Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU), where I got elected to serve as the district Youth Chairman and later National Youth Representative to the National Executive Committee and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Africa Region. 

During my tenure at IPPFAR, I served as the Eastern African Youth Representative, where I was responsible for eight countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Sychelles Island and Ethiopia) and I worked on lobbying governments to increase financing for Reproductive Health programmes, and scaling up access to priority sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services. 

I participated in the drafting of the African Union's Decade Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment and Development 2009 - 2018, which has been approved by member states and is being mainstreamed in various national development plans of member states across Africa.

I joined Summit Foundation (SUFO) as its Executive Director with a renewed interests in combating poverty and injustices, with special emphasis at building local democracy and strengthening policy effectiveness to accelerate poverty alleviation and improve access to justice.

I would like to fundraise money for construction of the Summit Institute for Policy Effectiveness (SIPE) Center in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The Center shall be very instrumental in engaging young professionals in policy oriented research, advocacy and capacity building. I therefore kindly request all well-wishers to join me in our collective efforts and make poverty history.

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