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steve tibbs

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wisbech, Cambridgeshire

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Hi I am Steve,

I am married to Lisa, we have 4 children and 2 soon 3 grandchildren

I work as a smoking cesssation advisor, I love my job, I feel it makes a big difference to peoples lives.In 2009 I found out about Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue, I new I had to do it, at the time I was a personal trainer and with my 14 years experience in the RAF as an auxillery gunner I found a great use for my skills. I am now a team leader, am on the insure water team, L2 DEFRA flood first responder and co-ordiate the Bike Team. CamSARs main role is to support the police with missing person searches, but we also support the Ambulance service and I quallifed as a communty first responder, so I do that as well.

When I was a parsonal trainer I worked with a local support group for mainlly teenagers, with all sorts of disabilites and backgrounds. After they were threatend with being closed down after council cut backs, we formed a charity called SPEADA to keep the group going. We have had great support from the parents and vollenteers, and now the group is continuing supporting, young careres, children with asbergers and kids from disadvanteged backgroungs with all kind of disabilaties and ablilities

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