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Hi, I am Stephen, But much prefer to be called Steve, I have been my Heaviest weight back in december 2011, and whilst suffering with a prolapsed disc, My Doctor suggested I have an opperation to rectify my back by fusing the vertebrea together.

In discussion with my doctor, we decided to try a gym and to see if I could strengthen my back and core muscles, whilst losing some weight..

I started a program with REACH FOR HEALTH In Daventry, Northamptonshire,  It was good to be in a gym where they didnt care about looks, but rather health and disabilities.

In September 2011 Reach for Health organised a sponsored event, Climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales. I managed to raise just over £1000 as I didnt make it to the summit,due to adverse weather conditions and lost a lot of Sponsorship.

Since then, I have carried on with my fitness programe. and Hope to do more events to raise money for Reach for Health...

Please help me to Help this Charity, I dont know where I would be without there help. 

On the 7th of September 2013 I will be doing a sponsored Walk around Draycote Reservoir, The Reservoir walk is 5 miles around, and I will be attempting to do 3 laps, covering 15 miles.

I look forward to Your Sponsorship.

Regards and Thanks Stephen Hattam

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