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I am a fourth year Btech student Dooing a Non- profit start up EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT TRUST (E4D) . My motivation for fundraising is to make out Educational model sustainable and also scalable to a national level.


Our mission is to facilitate universal access to higher and continuing education, free-of-charge, empowering people from all walks of life.  We envision free higher education, reaching the grass roots, enabling lifelong learning and more fulfilling careers.


E4D is implementing a scalable, goal-based system of education, harnessing the enthusiasm of current and recent university students, and the versatility of internet-based courses, paired with hands-on workshops and laboratories that encourage creativity and innovation.  We are committed to make this system cost-effective for government and free-of-charge for students.

My main interests lies in the field of Technological Interventions to solve the problems of the society.

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