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I am Amanda Davis I am 62 and  started up a small Fundraising group, about 18 months ago called S O C Tiverton S O C stands for Supporting Other Charities, we have a Vintage and Craft Fair every month in Tiverton Pannier Market and do the odd special event like a Disco each event is for a different charity both in its size and name all the charities I raise for are lesser known charities in the South West preferably Devon, those ones that don't get recognition, I used to be one of those volunteers who volunteers in a charity shop for the big charities like BHF but I have decided the work those little charities tirelessly do hidden away need some help as well so I now search for different traders than those reguarly in our market and by charging table money and doing a raffle I raise approx £90 at each fair so 10 - 12 charities will get approx £90 each. This I believe is fairer than giving 1 or 2 charities £500 each.

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