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On the 7th September 2013 at the age of 40 I unexpecedly had a heart attack.  I received what I can only describe as fantastic treatment at the Bristol Heart Institute where a clot was removed and a single stent fitted.

 After release from the hospital and contrary to what my mind was telling me I found recovery extremely difficult.  I expected and planned to be back to normal in two weeks and initial pushed myself much harder than I should have (this resulted in a couple of ambulance trips back to hospital!).  At this point of my recovery I was physically and mentally very weak and literally unable to walk a 100 yards without a rest.  It was at this point I was referred to Cardiac Rehabilitation.

The BHI Cardiac Rehabilitation team undoubtedly was the largest contributing factor in my recovery.  I arrived for my first session with zero confidence, a fear of my condition and an inability to walk the shortest of distances.  After 10 weeks of rehabilitation my confidence was restored, my fear removed and my strength and stamina better than ever.  The support, care, reassurance and education provided by the Rehab Team made all the difference and I 100% owe my recovery to them.

I have since trained hard and completed the Bristol 10k (May 2014).  My training is continuing and I plan to run the Bristol Half Marathon (September 2014).  Now is the time to give back and so I would like to raise as much money as possible for the Bristol Heart Institute to say thank you for looking after me.

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