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For most of my working life I've worked in the film and TV industry, in just about every area of the Costume Department. I love what I do and I'm incredibly thankful to have worked in an area that is both creative and pays well. However, it involves long, long hours, dubious health & safety, a very unsettled lifetyle and the nagging sense that I'm not doing the good that I want to do in the world.

I've been trying to break out of the industry and into something that can offer me more stability, and the area I'm most interested in is the charity sector. There's not many ways to put it without sounding a bit cliche, but I really do want to be involved in something that impacts the world in a positive way. My problem is that, bar my first year out in the workforce, I have very little experience in anything that appeals to recruiters and potential employers on a CV. I'm a capable, intelligent and highly skilled person, but without concrete evidence in the way of relevant work shown on my CV, there's very little chance of me getting a job, even if it's admin/data/entry level related.

I have a lot of downtime from film at the moment, so I'd love to be able to contribute something via volunteering. Not only do I get to give something back, but I'm gaining experience I can put on my CV.

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