Sian Turner

Saving Caesar - Rescue Advent Calendar

For Saltburn Animal Rescue Association

Nov 29 2013

Jan 29 2014

Saving Caesar - Rescue Advent Calendar photo

Saltburn Animal Rescue Assosciation is a local rescue service.  Staff and volunteers work hard to make the experience of every animal as positive as possible.  On top of this, volunteers and staff provide an outstanding follow up service, ensuring, as far as possible, that animals are homed appropriately and owners are given support where needed.

Unlike national centres, SARA along with other small local rescue services do not knock on people's doors asking for money - their time and effort is invested in looking after the animals in their care.  

Both Gemma and Caesar were lucky enough to have found themselves in the care of staff at SARA.  This Christmas, we would like to say thank you to them and all the other small rescue centres and assosciations that love and care for abandoned, abused and neglected animals every day.

(Photograph with kind permission from Discovery Photography, Guisborough).

Event Location: North Yorkshire

Event Category: Festivals & Celebrations > Seasonal Celebrations

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Money raised: £100.00

  • Dog rescue charities are now close to my heart, before I got a rescue dog I didn't understand the work these guys do... quite simply its amazing and no matter what they have its not enough so this is why I chose to donate, I also feel in life its important to have targets and dreams ' always aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars' dogs have dreams to you know... and put simply no-ones dream should ever to be safe and not mistreated that should be a basic right of life for anyone (dogs included).. So I wanted caesars target to come true, which is why I waited until the eleventh hour to donate congratulations on reaching your fundraising target Caeser and Sian, the calendar was also amazing!... and sometimes if you aim for the moon you might just make it to the moon! xxx

    Anonymous, 29 Jan 2014

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  • I loved the calendar Sian, well done to you and all the amazing people who have given these dogs wonderful homes X

    Lesley , 28 Jan 2014

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  • Keep up your excellent work in promoting beautiful staffies and other rescue dogs. Happy 2014 to you and your dogs!

    Anonymous, 04 Jan 2014

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  • Well done Sian xx

    Anonymous, 23 Dec 2013

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  • Well done for creating such a special calendar, I have really enjoyed reading the daily rescue story xx

    Emma Picknett, 23 Dec 2013

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  • Thanks Sian for the fun and showing all these wonderfull dogs. Have a great Christmas XXXX..

    Anonymous, 21 Dec 2013

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  • Advent Calendar sized donations are fine - after all it's Christmas!

    Sian Turner, 08 Dec 2013

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  • Sarah Reed, 03 Dec 2013

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  • Beautiful calendar and a really worthy cause

    Denise Turner, 01 Dec 2013

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  • Michelle Lonsdale, 30 Nov 2013

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