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I have recently handed in my notice at my current job as an Operations Manager at a national recruitment company, as I am looking for a change in career direction, where I can utilise the experience I gained in my Masters in Gender and International Relations and give something back to the community. I am looking for a variety of different volunteering opportunities within Bristol, ideally with a focus on improving equality for women, challenging gender injustices through education and support.

I have been interested in gender equality and gender injustices from a young age, and I have spent five years in university education with a focus in analysing current issues and approaches with a view to helping tackle many of the problems that we still face in contemporary society. From the Contagious Disease Acts of Victorian Britain to HIV problems in Sub-Saharan Africa still demonstrates that we have a long way to go in achieving true equality. I have researched trafficked women involved in prostitution in and around Olympic cities and the gender implications that this has on society, culture and the community. I also looked at international outreach programmes, designed to help promote sport and social inclusion across the globe. I have looked at how outreach programmes can raise HIV awareness to young people, bring more girls into sport, improve their education, and tackle key gender issues such as FGM and forced marriages. I looked at the extent of the ethnocentric, albeit Western stance of the projects, to gain a better understanding of how gender equality is introduced and established in developing countries across the world. By exploring the variety of ways the social constructions of gender are bound up in cultural differences demonstrates the implications of applying universal gender policies, and concentrates on the importance of diversity, culture and community as the key to successfully challenging injustices and fostering change. 

I have live in Bristol for four years, and I am keen to work with some charities that primarily tackle gender issues, or international development issues. I have worked in a variety of different and challenging environments and can communicate efficiently and effectively at all levels. I work successfully under pressure, both autonomously and as part of a team.

I am an outgoing individual, who likes socialising with friends. I also try to keep myself fit - I have taken up skiing and in January 2013, I started an indoor climbing course. I am a creative person and keen seamstress, designing and making soft furnishings and clothing in my spare time. Further, I have a passion for travelling; whether itís another diving holiday to Egypt or Cape Verde, or a road trip - last year I spent two weeks driving around California! I also enjoy reading, and regularly attend a Book Club where I can share my reading experiences with others. 

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