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Dear Sir/Madam
We need your help and guidance that how your charity is working as i need to help my kids and many more suffering with muscular dystrophy in Pakistan. We need your advise and guidance to help for research and collecting funds.
With best regards
 Shahid Zubair



My three children fighting for life need special Medical treatment abroad

(Very special and rare case)


Respected Sir/Madam,

Appeal for Financial  help by Philanthropists for my family in deep crisis as all three kids are suffering with some unknown type of Neuro Muscular Problem, fighting for their life.

Sir/Madam, what would you do if someone told you that all three of your children have a rare and sometimes fatal genetic disorder and that they will be confined to wheelchairs for the rest of their lives and have little scope of survival? We are Muslims and we refuse to accept that life sentence for our children. We need you help. Support us in finding the best treatment for our children. We need funds for correct diagnosis and possible treatment of Neuromuscular Problem, at UK or USA, treatment for SCOLIOSIS and contractual joints problem ALONG WITH Stem Cell treatment . Kindly help usAllah and Rasool Kareem PBUH will reward you. (InshaAllah)

Details are as below

We are Shahid and Saher Tabassam Zubair, residents of 576 L Block Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan and parents to three amazing children––Nida, 15; Ahmad, 13; and our youngest Eman, 8. Once we too were a happy, content family like most are. Yes, we were not rich but we had good health and love and that was enough, until Muscular Dystrophy (MD) afflicted our three children and took our joy away from us.
MD is a rare genetic disorder that is severely disabling, and sometimes life threatening. Our children were perfectly healthy and bright until they got this disease which causes severe muscular wasting. It has left the two older children––Nida and Ahmad paralyzed from waist down with the youngest headed in the same direction. The smallest of task, even moving,  has become a challenge for these once active and energetic kids.
Searching for Help
 In Pakistan, we have been unable to find proper diagnosis, cure, or treatment for our children. For instance, the diagnostic facility in Pakistan only offers CPK blood test, while CPK MB AND CPK BB are more accurate to classify the nature of NMD, while doctors from Singapore suggested Molecular genetics testing. Unfortunately, no doctor has proper awareness and lab in Pakistan has this facility. We know that at present time, proper management along with available diagnosis facility could lead to the best treatment that is offered for NMD. (Avaialable in develop countries) Unfortunately, we don’t even have access to that.

How You Can Help

We are a one-income family living in a rental apartment (We request for home our children in Lahore).  As such our means are very limited for their treatment and maintenance are very costly ( see MDA USA Or MDA UK). (We request for treatment abroad). Our requests to various authorities in Pakistan for financial assistance to take the children abroad for proper diagnosis have not been answered (we are helplessly seeing our children decline day by day) .

We have received various appointment from ENGLAND and USA for Muscular Dystrophy treatment (details could provide). We will have to cover the airfare as well as boarding and lodging kindly help us to arrange funds of 100000 US$ EQUAL TO 95 Lakh Pakistani Rs. (Three patients from Sargodha received these treatment and got excellent result, while Pakistani top neurologists announced them none treatable) all contacts and details are available for satisfying any querry.

We cant beg just do request  Kindly feel the pain of Parents whose kids are fighting for life.
Please see our website: www.

Looking forward for your kind and urgent help

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Mr and Mrs Shahid Zubair

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Muscular dystrophy: Genetic disease leaves two siblings wheelchair-bound

“The commen­t that precis­e diagno­sis is only for the parent­s’ mental satisf­action is insult­ing,” says father.

By Ali Usman

Published: December 14, 2012

The children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, a form of muscular dystrophy that weakens muscles and hampers locomotion.












Meet the Children

 Nida, 14 Compassionate and caring with a ready smile reciting Darood Pak, Nida is confined to a wheelchair since the age of 9. She is interested in art and was once an active child who loved to go swimming and visit the park. She is also a gifted artist. She is convinced that she will beat MD and become a doctor one day. Day-to-day activities are a challenge for Nida but her smile never leaves her face.  She lifts our hearts when we are down. Her courage gives us strength.

Nida was born in 1997, was a normal, healthy baby, and had an uneventful childhood, until she started complaining of severe abdominal pain at age 7. Within days, she developed a fever of 105 degrees accompanied by chest congestion. After being hospitalized at the Zulekha Hospital in UAE, and receiving antibiotics intravenously for five days, her fever finally settled. After a few days, she started complaining of leg pain and began having difficulty climbing stairs. She gradually lost her ability to walk due to muscular weakness and her upper body and limbs started to weaken as well. Gradually she became immobile and confined to a wheelchair.

2010 Preliminary Analysis from National NeuoScience Institute, Singapore: Progressive lower limb weakness associated with raised serum CK. The muscle biopsy shows abnormal findings consistent with a severe chronic muscular dystrophy. The above findings are consistent with clinical impression of sarcoglycanopathy, although the specific subtype is difficult to be determined. Confirmation of this diagnosis with molecular gene testing is appropriate.

Ahmad, 12 Ahmed is a joyful child who is a fighter at heart. He loves hanging out with his cousins and adores his two sisters. Ahmad loves to play video games. Confined to a wheelchair since age 9, he holds a lofty dream of one day being a pilot. Like his sister, he is convinced that he will be cured one day and be able to fulfill his dreams. Ahmad’s smile simultaneously lifts and melts our hearts.

Ahmad started off pretty much the same way. He was born healthy and normal in 1999, until he too started complaining about severe abdominal pain at age 9, with a fever of 105 accompanied by chest congestion. After being hospitalized at the Shafique Hospital in Lahore, and receiving antibiotics intravenously, his fever finally settled. Imagine our panic when after a few days, he too started to complain of leg pain and began having difficulty climbing stairs. Like his sister, he gradually lost his ability to walk due to muscular weakness. Soon his upper body and limbs got affected as well. Gradually, our active son before our very eyes, became immobile and got confined to a wheelchair.

Eman, 7 Eman who is a girly-girl and loves her dolls and toys, is too young to understand the struggle that awaits her.

She was our third to head down the same path. It was heartbreaking to watch her condition because by that time we knew what was coming. Eman was born in 2005. Again a healthy, normal, and active baby until age 4 when she too started complaining of severe abdominal pain with a fever of 105 accompanied by chest congestion. After being hospitalized in Lahore, and receiving antibiotics intravenously, her fever too settled. After a few days, she too started complaining of leg pain and began having difficulty climbing stairs. She is currently active but experiences pain when getting up from a sitting position. Her general body growth has been characterized as weak.

The preliminary analysis done on her shows that she is headed the same way as her brother and sister. We cherish each and every moment of her running around and being active. Our greatest hope is that we can turn her fate around by finding the right treatment for her at the right time so that further muscular destruction can be curbed.

Our Family

Nida and Eman in 2009 When Nida was walking

Nida Ahmad and Eman in 2010 Both brother and sister are wheel chair bound with energy level 40%

Ahmad Eman and Nida 2012 (Ahmad and Nida are both wheel Chair bound with only 20% body energy to move their hands or body)

Before a treatment/management plan can be designed for our children, genetic and molecular study to classify the exact type of Muscular Dystrophy needs to be done in Lebanon, U.K. or U.S.

Will you support us in taking our children there? Donate Now.

Zubair Children In the News

Muscular dystrophy: Genetic disease leaves two siblings wheelchair-bound
Interview with GEO TV, 2010 (YouTube video)

What’s New With MD Research and Treatment?

Note: The behavior of Pakistani Doctors will be different for my kids and for your kids. Allah always bless your family but if you just asked they will reply negative, if you asked Mian sb kid need treatment they will must tell you treatment is available in UK or USA.  We are also parents we wish that we could also avail at least the treatment level MALA YOUSAF ZAI (a daughter of Nation got, why not my kids?

Please watch a video below of our interview with GEO TV in 2010. Although the narration is in Urdu, captions in English are enabled:

As you can tell by the video, we were unable to secure funding in time to take the children to Dallas Children's Hospital for their appointment at the time. Now I am trying to raise enough money to take the children to research hospitals in  U.S. or U.K. that are more equipped to handle such cases and those that are working on groundbreaking clinical trials for Muscular Dystrophy.

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