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Sebastian Mroczek

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Acton, London (Greater London)

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My name is Sebastian Mroczek.

My goal and passion is helping people to achieve emotional and physical health, and teaching them how to deal with any kind of stress reactions. I also help individuals to set and achieve goals for to enable them to attain more satisfying and fulfilling life.

If you are looking for help, or if you made a decision that it is time for changes in your life, congratulations! This takes a lot of courage! Even if you suffered a lot, had a lot of negative experiences and maybe don’t believe in yourself – keep your head up! Together we can put things back in order!

These are the issues I can help with:

  •  Fears/Phobias

  •  Emotional problems

  •  Tiredness

  •  Depression

  •  Traumatic experiences

  •  Relationship problems

  •  Lack of vitality/energy

  •  Lack of living will

  •  Suicide attempts

  •  Addictions

  •  Family problems

  •  Stress

  •  Negative beliefs

  •  Low self esteem

  •  Mental illnesses

  •  Physical pain

  •  Grief and loss

  •  Financial problems

  • More

More about what I do:

Faster EFT is a system created by Robert G. Smith which is based on a traditional Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

With this system client’s internal resources (memories, emotional reactions and beliefs) are transformed from negative to positive.

Kinaesthetic reactions (emotions, body sensations) which occur because of our visual and auditory stimulus inside our minds (images and sounds from the past) are changed for more pleasant ones. New positive belief system and inner peace is created.

This system makes it difficult or impossible for the individual who works on a certain problem to create the same negative state of emotions when they think about that specific negative event comparing to the emotions they felt before the workshop. They will achieve very effective, long term results. It can quickly transforms how you represent your past, shifts your emotional disruptions and restores your physical health.

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