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hello my name is Bailee, and i love to help the needy, fight for whats right, and I am always giving. some people say something about me like that i am cool or that i give to  others. mostly littler kids say the want to be like me someday. when little kids say that it toutches my heart deeply. i have helped a lot of funrasers so far, and i am only 15. I would like to help your funraser as much as i can. My mom says from the time i was able to walk i have aways been helping people. right now i am helping cyctic fibrosis, the scoloisis fundation, care for the military familys, feeding the cihildren of the U.S and helping give shoes to kids who dont have any. I hope one day our world would be free. free from pain, suffering, and anger. but for right now i will do anything to help our world in any way i can.  

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