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Shalet is seven years old. She lives with her family in the village of Magdalena in the Amazon jungle in Northern Bolivia. Shalet is full of life and is a happy and loving little girl who has her whole life ahead of her. She loves playing with her sisters and until recently, she enjoyed going to school. She stopped going as she can no longer see well enough to study.

Every day her eyesight gets a little worse and in a couple of years, unless she has an operation, she will be blind.

So I'm running the London 10k in July 2014 to help raise the money for Shalet's operation to save her from going blind. The Andean Medical Mission travel to remote villages in the Amazon Jungle every year, carrying out sight saving operations just like this one, free of charge. They can carry out the surgery that Shalet needs so urgently.

Anything you can give will be much appreciated - please, dig deep!

Thank you.


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