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I have worked for the Woodhams Stone Collection in a paid capacity or a voluntary role for the last three years. It is a local history collection for Malton and Norton that was collected by Sid Woodhams and John Stone gradually over the last 60 years and donated to the people of Malton and Norton in 2011. It is a fantastic collection to work with and it has been really enjoyable to be at the start of a project and build it into a catalogued collection with a forward plan towards our ultimate goal of opening our own museum. Although we have our grand plans, surviving in this economic climate is a challenge. Any help small historic collections used to get from local councils has been withdrawn or become project based. So fundraising has become an important part of my working life.

I decided to sign up for the Castle Howard Triathlon on 23rd July back in January when it seemed like a good idea (and it was a long way off).  I really enjoy swimming but I've never done an open water swim so that is going to be a challenge. I used to cycle before I had children so getting back on a bike after 8 years and peddling up hills has been hard work. The worst one is running as I never have been good at it or enjoyed it! However for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to do all three in a race environment! Please sponsor me lots of money so all this training and pain has been worth it! 

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